• CRÈME SIMON Multivitamins Supplement 60 Capsules

CRÈME SIMON Multivitamins Supplement 60 Capsules

This exceptional food supplement combines 12 essential vitamins and 7 minerals with botanical power of specialty ingredients such as Ginseng and Rhodiola to boost mood, energy, mental well-being, anti-aging and endurance. 

Perfect for those with busy lifestyles, to enhance workplace performance and decrease the effects of stress or lack of sleep. 

 Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B8, B12 and C: To contribute to metabolism and energy.

 Magnesium, naturally sourced from seawater: To help reduce fatigue.

 Copper and Zinc: To boost immunity.

 Ginseng Root: To help maximise cognitive memory, brain function as well as physical and mental capacities.

 Rhodiola Root: To revitalise and alleviate stress and fatigue. Help boost mood, mental alertness and concentration.

 Other Essential Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamin A, B3, B9, D3, E, Iron, Manganese, Chrome, Selenium.

How to Use

Take 1 capsule daily after meal.
Keep away from children.
Do not exceed recommended daily dose.
Keep in dry and at ambient temperature. 

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