• ASTALIFT White Perfect Clear UV Solution SPF50+ PA++++ 30g

ASTALIFT White Perfect Clear UV Solution SPF50+ PA++++ 30g



Containing the proprietary UV protecting agent “D-UV Guard”.

Completely blocks the “Deep UVA”, which is UV in the longest wavelength region that reaches deep into the skin, in order to prevent “incidental sunburn”.

Containing the “UV Action Capsule”, which bursts when exposed to UV rays.

Bursts when exposed to UV rays to release beauty ingredients to penetrate the skin.  Also contains the ASTALIFT White series’ signature ingredients “Nano Astaxanthin”, “Nano AMA”, “three types of collagen” as well as “citrus extract”*8.

Containing the Light Analyzing Powder, which lightens the skin tone.

Manipulates “light” cast on the skin to naturally lighten the skin tone.  Also resists perspiration and sebum for use as a makeup base.

Offering the smooth “Refresh Texture”.

Effortlessly spreads over the skin without leaving white residues for a light, weightless finish.  Convenience of not requiring dedicated cleanser to thoroughly wash it off.

Equipped with the “UV Sensor Cap”, which changes color when exposed to UV rays containing the “Deep UVA”. It turns purple in response to UV rays, allowing users to confirm the intensity of invisible UV rays.

1. Take an appropriate amount and gently spread to the whole face. 2. Smoothen with your fingers. 3. Put a little more on parts that need extra care.
Astaxanthin,3 types of collagen,Nano AMA,Citrus extract,UV action capsule

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