• SWISS PRESTIGE COSMETICS Emerald Caviar Sublime Face Cream 50ml

SWISS PRESTIGE COSMETICS Emerald Caviar Sublime Face Cream 50ml



Delight in a new luxurious age- fighting concept based on green caviar.

This alga is a delicacy eaten on Okinawa, the Japanese island of centenarians. Green caviar are botanical sea pearls that explain the island’s population’s unusually high life expectancy. This extract thogether with an exclusive complex of prickly pear stem cells work in combination with the unique Alpine Cellular Complex® by SPC.

The emerald caviar collection offers the highest quality skin care available, surpassing expectations. The collection is an alliance of nature and science that brings your skin the gift of youth.

A face cream, an eye cream and a serum suitable for day and night create an optimal treatment regimen that pampers and rejuvenates the skin every day. The line addresses skin ageing, improving skin structure and firmness, reducing sagging skin and smoothing wrinkles. Exceptional textures containing powerful actives will make emerald caviar line your new companion for indulgence and utmost skin perfection.

Continuous improvement in skin health and appearance.  Emerald Caviar Sublime Face Cream brings immediate moisture and long-term anti-ageing benefits. This delightfully satiny texture is a beautifying source for day and night.  The cream melts onto the skin providing comfort without leaving any greasy residue.  Works best in symphony with Emerald Caviar Sublime Serum.  No parabens.

It is recommended to apply, Emerald Caviar Sublime Face Cream of Swiss Prestige Cosmetics, on the skin of the face and neck in a uniform way, establishing light and soft massages from the inside to the outside of the face to facilitate immediate absorption. Extend by day and night. 
Emerald Caviar Sublime Face Cream has been formulated with the gift of green caviar , an algae that is a delicacy in Okinawa (Japanese Island). These are botanical pearls of the sea that grant a higher life expectancy to the Japanese population, thanks to their anti-aging powers. In addition, this cream is formulated with an exclusive complex of stem cells and the Alpine Cellular Complex patented by SPXC.

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