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  • The Best Make-up Removers For Getting Everything Off

    The first thing we want to do when we step into our house after a long day is to take off our bras. Well, the first thing your skin wants you to do is to rinse away the day’s accumulation of dirt and makeup. What goes on, must come off; that’s non-negotiable.  Living in sunny Singapore require... View Post
  • 6 High-End Products Worth The Splurge According to Reviews

    Don’t get us wrong — there’s nothing we love more than hitting up a drugstore and buying a shopping cart’s worth of seriously good skin care products without utterly depleting our bank account. But at the same time, we truly smile every night when we slather on our $300 La Mer mask that leaves o... View Post
  • The Eye Cream You Should Be Using According To Your Age

    When it comes to skin care, most of us fall into one of 2 categories. There are those of us, who never change our routine, using the same ill-suited eye cream from our old days. Then there’s the other group, who embrace treatments like chemical peels and Botox before there’s a wrinkle in sight. ... View Post